It's Nice to Meet You!

Hi! My name is Chelsea Gill, KPA-CTP owner of CK's School for Dogs. 

My journey started as a dog trainer in 2003 when I obtained a 9 month golden retriever from an ad in the newspaper for free to train him as a service dog replacement. Excelling at that training, he let me know that the calm service dog life wasn't for him, so we looked into a career that might fit his needs a little better. We discovered the world of search and rescue.  To date, I am the president of Midwest Search Dogs, Indiana's oldest search and rescue team.

While we were learning all we could from that world, shortly after, I started to pursue dog training as a career where I conducted training classes in a big box store. 

As my personal dog training career grew, I moved on to the private sector to help people with learners that have serious behavior issues. I became a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy as a Certified Training Partner, gained experience in training patrol K9s, and have an extensive background and passion for service and detection dog work to include participation in the K9’s ability for non-invasive disease/illness detection for a university research project. 

Currently, I am on my 3rd SAR K9 partner and best training assistant, an Australian Shepherd named Nikhya.  He has been a vital part in some of my training with building confidence in learners and working with reactive dogs. 

When not training or on a call out, we love being outside or in the woods hiking. Frisbee is an all time favorite activity as well. 

I very much look forward to meeting you and your learner and can't wait for what fun adventure lies ahead!