Wish your dog not only had something to do while you are working but received some training at the same time? 

I'm excited to offer this unique and convenient training opportunity of taking your dog out on fun and educational training excursions!  They will get physical exercise and mental stimulation in new dog friendly environments by a certified trainer!

With convenient pick up and drop off at your home, our training adventures start with your companion as the guide. Field trips are always tailored to set the student up for success.  Stress and overstimulation is not fun or enjoyable, this is why they always set the pace with the goal of returning a happy tired dog who has enjoyed a successful session at the end of our trip.

Dog friendly excursion options they will enjoy:

~ Parks, Hiking Trails, Creeks ~

~ Hardware stores, Department stores, Pet stores ~

~ Restaurant patios, Picnic areas, Cafes ~

The awesome things you get!

Pick up/Drop off at your home 

Proper, controlled socialization for new puppies 

Training and exercise while you work 

Training opportunities for dogs who need space

Adolescent dogs who need more outlet

Avoid negative interactions that come from  

unsupervised, overstimulating chaos 

like a doggie daycare environment

Personalized training outings focused on helping your 

learner become a better Canine Good Citizen* 

*Field trips alone do not result in an AKC CGC certification or the ability to pass the certification. Owners have the option to pursue CGC training and certification at an additional fee.

Sounds pretty cool, right?!

Check out the FAQ page to learn more about how field trips work and answer any questions you may have!

Excursion Packages:

Monday - Friday

2.5 hour Outings:


9a-11:30a or 12:30p-3p

Full Day Outings:



*Free in-home consultation required.

*2nd Dog $20 Discount available!

*Buy 2 Full Days for $340 (Save $20)!

If you looked over the FAQ page above and 

still have questions, feel free to reach out!


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